In deinen Augen, in deinen Armen


In deinen Augen, in deinen Armen
installation, photo prints, acrylic glass, photo prints mounted on full aluminum,
direct photo print on textile
@ Meisterschülerausstellung
@ Universität der Künste, Berlin
July 2017

I installed elements from different groups together, coordinated by object relationship, color and content. All images in the installation are views on objects. Themes are body and object, skin and surface, nutrition and material. The first group and center of the installation are six photographs from the series photography and sculpture. These photographs are mounted on aluminum – merging sculpture and photography through both content and form.

Four other photographs are prints on a very soft textile called Suede Vision. This adds materiality and movement to the images. These photographs show legs in stockings, an imprint in skin, a hyacinth and egg crate foam. They form the second group.

Group three consists of four acrylic glass elements. The most important one is at the center of the installation, hung from the ceiling. The room is divided and becomes partly more intimate. This piece of acrylic glass is referencing a window and shows more clearly how all the elements are hung with respect to the relationships of the objects depicted and their materiality. The other acrylic glass pieces are bent to fit exactly the different features of the room. The last group is a number of photo prints taped to the glass and acrylic glass – they have the smallest formats.

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