installation, direct photo print on acrylic glass, ceramics, plastic cords
@ graduation show
Universität der Künste, Berlin
July 2016

Caps, worn very low, scarfs and neck guards covering half the face, earphones and smartphones to only connect digitally. Behavior that forgoes eye contact (isolation) to create a certain appearance online. Yet the online life creates certain physical appearances as well. I installed photography, directly printed on acrylic glass, and ceramic mounts. The contrast and conversation between the pieces was especially important to me. The ceramics hint at chatroom emoticons as well as emotionally laden handmade things, while staying in touch with the photos. The second part of the installation was a pile of coats, a display for ceramic shapes, with paisley and camouflage pattern enamel, they were also holding and giving shape to simple glossy photo prints. The third element was three hanging ceramic objects.

Styling: Tim Heyduck
Models: Chiara, Hans, Marie, Anna, Tomasz

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