Bronze / Beton, Kleber, Epoxidharz


 Beton, Kleber, Epoxidharz

Bronze / Beton, Kleber, Epoxidharz
installation, photo prints, acrylic glass
@ Aqua Concrete
@ Sport- und Erholungszentrum (SEZ), Berlin
Klasse Manfred Pernice
June 2015

The Sport- und Erholungszentrum (SEZ) Berlin was built during GDR times and is mainly constructed out of concrete. The class showed different works in front and inside the building.

I installed three photos with acrylic glass. I took them inside the building and in Volkspark Friedrichshain. They show the materials Bronze and Beton, Kleber, Epoxidharz. I bent acrylic glass with heat to fit the stairs and a handle belonging to the SEZ. This gave me the possibility to show the photos in an outdoor situation.

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